Why Couples Choose Simcoe County

Southern Ontario is a beautiful place to live, there are countless idyllic regions, cities and towns to visit and to say “I do” in. Five years ago I moved my family and my business to Barrie from Toronto. There were many aspects of everyday life that completely changed for me in this new city and I had to make changes to my own business to appeal to a new demographic and completely different trends, even though the two cities are only an hour away.

I felt at home in Barrie from the moment we got the keys to our new home, and I went from exclusively working within the GTA to booking Weddings all across Simcoe County from Bradford to Collingwood to Midland to Severn. I loved it, things were different but it was all so refreshing. Weddings here seemed more earthy, relaxed, the venues had such appeal like I’d never experienced before. 

The more local venues I visited and vendors that I got to know the more I realized that this geographical area was really something special and something that I wanted to be a part of, on a larger scale, so I created Simcoe Wedding Pages.

In recent years I had noticed so many more couples from around Southern Ontario opting to hold their ceremony and reception in Simcoe County even if it meant more travel time or more accommodation bookings, and here’s why:

Venue Options: It’s no secret that we have some of the most beautiful venues in Ontario. The farmland, the rivers, the woods …the sunsets. We have a venue for every theme and every preference, from elegant marquees to rustic barn settings, lakefront pavilions to actual farms (with baby animals and all), and country clubs to hotel ballrooms.

Affordability: Overall venues and vendors are much more affordable north of the GTA. From a more conservative to a lavish budget Simcoe County offers options for all couples.

Ease of Planning: Anyone who has ever been apart of a wedding party in Toronto will tell you that there’s a lot of planning involved.Outside of the busier cities we have a lot fewer logistics to worry about in Simcoe County, less traffic, less construction and more parking spaces.

There are hundreds of reasons why couples choose Simcoe County when it comes to their weddings, so we invite you to come see for yourself. With the new phases that the government has planned, our vendors are starting to open their doors, book consultations and walk throughs and plan open houses.

Happy Planning!

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