Kenzerama Productions

Kenzerama Productions



My name is Kenzie, and I am the owner of Kenzerama Productions. I take pride in being one of
the few female videographers and editors within the industry.

I first began to set my sights on running my own videography business shortly after holding
my first camera. I began Kenzerama Productions while I was in University. While my primary
major was documentary filmmaking, I always had a passion for the wedding industry. I started out as a one-woman show and now twelve years later, I have an amazing team of assistant shooters and editors, which has allowed my company to grow and expand into what it is today.

I shoot the day as it happens, catching every smile, laugh, and tear. I am a details person,
and details are what tell your story. There is no better way to tell a love story, than two
people on their wedding day. Want to know more about me? Just ask!

I offer a wide variety of videography services that cater to weddings such as; Wedding
videography, same day and next day edits, social media highlights, and engagement and love