How to Deal with Burnout

We are almost half way through 2021 and let’s be honest, we’re tired. Whether you’re a wedding vendor, an employer, a parent, a teacher or an employee, this past year has been emotionally and mentally draining…and it’s only June. 

Now we all know what stress feels like but what about burnout? According to Jory MacKay, “Burnout is a total loss of motivation and energy with no sign of relief”. Stress is more likely to feel temporary whereas burnout has no obvious end in site and people are definitely feeling it.

Dealing with a global pandemic is not something any of us had planned for and the repercussions of our stress has had ripple effects throughout every area of our lives. Many of us have struggled with disorganization, loneliness, confusion about the future and copious amounts of fear…just to name a few. If internalized, over time this stress can easily manifest into burnout.

Symptoms of burnout include:

  • Exhaustion
  • Never feeling rested regardless of how much sleep you’ve gotten
  • Cynicism and becoming easily annoyed
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Feeling dissatisfied with work
  • Inability to focus and to look forward to the future
  • Digestion Issues
  • Chronic mental and physical fatigue

Burnout is a disorder that gradually gets worse over time if ignored, especially if the sufferer continues to operate in the state that created it in the first place. Recovering from burnout takes time and thoughtful introspective reflection. There is no prescription that will get you back to a state of homeostasis but there are many things that you can do to start healing from the inside out.

  • Pinpoint what thoughts, situations or habits got you here. Focus on what you’ve been through or on what you are currently doing that doesn’t align with your values and adjust accordingly.
  • Take a break. If you’re able to take some time off, even just a few days, do it. Enjoy time disconnected from work and your devices.
  • Work it out. Having healthy habits and a positive mindset can literally change everything, try out a new health and fitness routine and see how you feel after a week.
  • Get some rest. Don’t wait until the middle of the night to go to sleep, reset your sleep schedule and take back the mornings.
  • Set goals for the future and give yourself something to look forward too. Working towards a goal is a powerful tool in moving forward, think of what you’d like to accomplish and start moving in that direction. 

“Whatever you’re feeling, be good to yourself. If you feel lost, be patient with yourself while you find your way. If you feel scared, be gentle with yourself while you find the strength to face your fear. If you feel hurt, be kind to yourself while you grieve and slowly heal. You can’t bully yourself into clarity, courage, or peace, and you can’t rush self-discovery or transformation. Some things simply take time, so take the pressure off and give yourself space to grow.” —Lori Deschene

With 6 months left in 2021, now is your time to focus on you!

We’ve got this.



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