8 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

Amazing! You’re recently engaged (or currently trying to drop the hint…) and this is the beginning of such an exciting chapter of your life. You deserve to experience every minute of happiness down to the very last drop during your engagement! It is no secret though that planning a wedding can be hard, stressful, and trying on all relationships. A lot of people enter their engagement not thinking that they need to hire a wedding planner, and quite honestly, in movies it is often portrayed that only the rich and famous have wedding planners (PSA: this is very false! We get giddy planning weddings for anyone!). These days, there are Pinterest boards which often motivate and empower individuals to try DIYs and they are more than often a huge success! However, you might not have the time, or simply have no desire to create your own decor. Beyond the decor, making the decision to hire a wedding planner could quite possibly be the best thing you choose to do (aside from saying yes to your proposal!). Here are eight reasons why you should hire a wedding planner (no matter how incredible your DIY skills are, or how big your Pinterest board is). 

1. Time is Valuable, Don’t Waste It

Time is so precious, and so valuable during any stage in life. It is one thing that you can give away, and will never get back. When hiring a wedding planner, your time is calculated down to the millisecond. Your time won’t be wasted looking for preferred vendors, scouting locations, or even sending out invitations to family members. Your wedding planner will make sure that everything is so well planned out that you won’t have to spend any time driving around, making phone calls, or editing Save the Dates. We understand how valuable time is, and we want you to enjoy it with your partner! 

2. Budget Who?

Your wedding planner will go over your budget with you from the very get go, and alter it as needed while planning. If you want to spend more money on your dress initially, but then find a florist (in fact your wedding planner may even be a florist!) that you want to spend more money on, it is really easy to have that conversation with your wedding planner and communicate what areas are important to you, and the areas where you are okay to modify. It won’t even feel like you have a budget because of all that your wedding planner can accommodate for. We don’t use the term ‘give something up’ because truthfully, wedding planners budget so well that you don’t need to give anything up. You can have your dream wedding, and dance at it too. 

3. Get In, We Have Some Wedding Planning To Do

Get in, we have some wedding planning to do! We are with you for the whole ride, from start to finish. The moment that you reach out and express your interest in hiring a wedding planner, you not only gain a financial advisor and personal assistant, but a best friend too! We are so excited to be on this journey with you. From the small details of planning your engagement party, to your rehearsal and wedding itself, we are celebrating all milestones big or small during this phase. Who knows, maybe after we will even grab a drink to celebrate your one year anniversary! We are in it for the long ride, and what an incredible journey it will be. 

4. You Don’t Need to Be A Politician to Understand Politics

The everlasting story of he said, she said. Politics can happen more during the engagement and wedding phase than they do during an election year. The good news? Your wedding planner is your number one cheerleader and hype girl. She will have your back rain or shine, and will always value your thoughts when you communicate them. There can be a lot of politics in weddings, from what your Mother-In-Law wants you to wear to the rehearsal dinner, to the awkward relationship you support, but don’t necessarily want in all of your wedding photos. At the end of the day, this is your special day as a couple, and any political fires are guaranteed to be put out by your wedding planner in a polite and respectful way.

5. We’re Like A Personal Spa Face Mask

Not sure about you, but I am a sucker for spa face masks after long days of work, or stressful situations. Think of your wedding planner as a personal face mask… we remove any stress you are feeling and help to keep any future stress at bay. We are your sounding board for when your fiancé doesn’t agree, when your MIL offers too much advice, or even when you aren’t sure of the decision that you want to go with. By hiring a wedding planner, you are not only taking steps to achieve your dream wedding, but you are also taking steps to ensure that you are present and mindful which will allow you to be stress free and fully embrace and enjoy this process. 

6. Someone Pinch Me… 

Incredible, you have made your dream vision board! It is so incredibly helpful to see what our couples visions are and what makes their hearts tick. We love to see what you are passionate about, what colours you like, and what florals you want to be surrounded by. Wedding planners will help make all of your dreams become a reality in a smooth and effortless fashion. By the end of your wedding, you will be asking every guest to pinch you – honey, it’s true… you are not dreaming and you did just have your dream wedding! 

7. Venue Coordinator Does Not Mean Wedding Planner

Venue coordinators are amazing, but usually only stick with you while dealing with the venue and catering (depending on venue). They are lovely and thoughtful individuals, but couples usually get them confused with wedding planners. When working with a venue coordinator, you won’t be discussing a lot of information which is communicated between you and your wedding planner. Your wedding planner is there for all of your appointments, dealing with florals, AV, attire, decor, hair and makeup, etc.. if you can think of it, chances are your wedding planner will be there too. 

8. Honey, Let’s Go To The Moon

Did someone say honeymoon!? This is your first opportunity as a married couple to relax just the two of you, with no distractions and really enjoy each others company. The last thing you want to worry about is stressing over your MOH forgetting to gather all of the gifts, the Mother of the Bride trying to help the caterers clean dishes, and the groomsmen forgetting to pay all of the vendors. The honeymoon is supposed to be stress free, as is the time leading up to it! When hiring a wedding planner, if it isn’t obvious enough after reaching point eight, you will not have to worry about a thing! We have you covered from your engagement to the honeymoon. Your wedding planner will remove all of the tasks from your family and bridal parties that need to be done, and ensure that everything is packaged, sent to the appropriate destination, and all vendors paid. The only thing you should be worried about is if you remembered to pack SPF15 or SPF70. 

Hiring a wedding planner is not selfish and it is not a luxury. Hiring a wedding planner is appropriate for anyone, and it is a necessity if you want to have your dream wedding, not only the day of but also the days leading up and the days after. Wedding planners can plan any size wedding, can help you stay under any budget, and can make anyone want to do it all over again (because hey, it was awesome and stress free)! 

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