5 Factors to Consider when Rescheduling your Wedding

Late Spring and Summer have been prime wedding season ever since I can remember. The recent shifts in the industry as a result of the pandemic has forced engaged couples to reschedule their weddings and in a lot of cases not within the same season that it was initially planned for.

New seasons come with entirely new circumstances, here are some factors to consider when moving your wedding to a new season:

  1. Weather & Environment: The most obvious factor to consider is weather and environment, a new season brings with it completely different temperatures, sunset times, winds, rain, etc. Doing your due diligence when planning is going to pay off big time when you properly plan for mother nature. 
  2. Dress Styles: Going hand in hand with weather is most definitely dress style, especially when it comes to your bridesmaids dresses. Those fall evenings can get quite chilly, and bare legs might not be the most comfortable look for your girls. 
  3. Vendor availability: Once you have a list of potential wedding dates email all your vendors and confirm their availability. Keep in mind that there are thousands of couples in Ontario in the same boat as you, so it’s crucial to have contingency dates.
  4. Day of the week: We are seeing more and more couples choose work day Weddings- Mondays and Fridays being the most popular. Although not a traditional option, it is a great way to ensure vendor availability and to also possibly save on costs.
  5. Color Scheme: Each season brings with it an abundance of colours that are naturally occurring. When switching seasons you should always take a good look at your original color scheme and ensure that it doesn’t clash with the natural setting of your venue.

Rescheduling your wedding date is not a decision that is easy to make or one that should be taken lightly but it is important to evaluate any factors that alter your original plan. This year the name of the game is resourcefullness and the ability to pivot when necessary.

You’ve got this!

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